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We here at GEMLIT are fascinated by light. The glowing lights in the dark. There is something unreal about it, something mystic and you can't take your eyes off of it.

The LED cubes are out there for quite some time now, and yet they attract people's attention. We started out our project in the summer of 2009. Studied different schematics that are out there in the internet. Finally we created a prototype of a 4x4x4 RGB LED cube, and than an advanced version of a 5x5x5 cube.

Now in the end of 2010, we are ready with the project, and we are here to help everyone that have taken the road to their own led cubes. Infact the project was almost ready in the end of 2009, but we put it off for more than half an year, due to another time demanding web project - mapEvents.net

So what can you find on our site?

We are currently working on two projects - the 3D RGB LED CUBE and the more simple bLAMP project.

Both projects use the same basic principles and are controlled by a micro-controller unit from the dsPIC familly (microchip).

So, the led matrix are connected in common-anode mode, organized in levels. The columns are controlled by serial-in-parallel-out shift registers, and the levels are controlled by some npn-transistor-arrays (also controlled by some SIPO shift registers). We use the 74HC595 as SIPO shift registers and the ULN2003 as levels' drivers. The bLAMP uses dsPIC30F3014 and the RGB CUBE uses dsPIC33FJ128GP706.

These are the basics, for more information about each project, visit their dedicated pages.